For Users

You decide on the use of your data - simply and centrally


For Companies

Offer your customers maximum user-friendliness - through secure login


For Authorities

Create a citizen-friendly access to your services - anytime, secure


Secure login, personal data management and access control - with just one click.

For Users

Verimi is the home of your digital identity. Simplify your everyday life by securely reusing stored data in your interaction with companies and authorities on the Internet. With the help of cutting-edge technologies, Verimi enables the combination of user-friendliness with the highest security and data protection standards.

For Companies

Verimi is designed as an extremely secure infrastructure component for innovative end-to-end business models in order to securely place offers on local and global markets, independent of international platform providers and in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), covering LoA 1-3.

For Public Authorities

Verimi enables electronic access to public services as well as public sector portals and supports a citizen-friendly and efficient administration at federal state, regional state and municipal level. We follow the eIDAS regulation, based on secured but open standards of Internet technologies.

For Users

Transforming your online identity: Use the data stored with Verimi for convenient and autonomous access to a growing number of global online services.

Convenient Identification

Use your Verimi login for your everyday tasks both conveniently and safely: Watch movies online, read the newspaper and shop – book trips, check in and pay for them – and, at the same time, manage your personal details, whether it be contract amendments, tasks related to the authorities or the storage of confidential information.

Control Personal Details

You decide which details can be transferred to whom and for what purpose. Your details can be changed, extended and deleted at any time. The highest security standards and the world’s most innovative data protection law apply – those of the European Union.

Act Autonomously

You decide what details you provide to the online services, e.g. contact, bank and shipping details. You also decide on the level of security regarding your online details – the level being ensured by the deployment of state-of-the-art encryption technologies.

For Companies

Drive the conversion rate on your site: Benefit from comprehensive registration, soliciting of conjoint opt-ins and full data security compliance in accordance with the GDPR. 

Safeguarding Customer Contacts

The Verimi account maximizes convenience for new and existing customers to sign up to your online products and services. This reduces barriers to entry, decreases the number of transaction terminations and increases conversion. As an API component Verimi can be easily integrated into existing online products and services and leverages modern interfaces stimulating network effects in order to achieve the highest possible market penetration.

Protecting Data

The Verimi account is the highly secure alternative to third-party platform services. Verimi fulfils all the requirements of the European Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR) and enables the use-case-sensitive administration of user profiles (LoA 1-3) in accordance with the highest data protection standards and along with the greatest possible user-friendliness.

Acting in Accordance with the Law

Use Verimi as the leading-edge service to reduce regulatory and technological complexity now and in the future. Build lasting trust with your customers by adopting high ethical standards and offering extensive user-friendliness. Keep the best interests of your customers in mind when using their data. Legally binding transactions can be carried out online and across Europe.


With Verimi you benefit from cross-industry standards in eID management to use electronic identification for digital business processes in full accordance with the specific regulations of your industry. Contact us to explore how we support your industry.


For Public Authorities

Establish 21st century administration with Verimi. Leverage Verimi to align as much as exploit the potential of emerging social, economic and administrative trends.

Verifying Identities

Verimi will enable the identity derived from personal-data in various documents (e.g. passport, ID, residence permit or driving license) to be stored at an accredited level of trust. The objective is to transfer the offline identity of a person into the online world in a safe and convenient manner for citizens, companies and public authorities.

Enhancing Digitalization

Modern software and interface technologies dismantle media and technology boundaries. By minimizing deployment times and making administration processes radically more efficient, Verimi serves as a key element in reducing interface complexity for federal, state and municipal authorities as well as their system providers.

Visits to Local Public Offices Accomplished Online

Verimi identities make it possible to process administrative procedures online in the same way as other electronic services: User-friendly, 24/7, for any citizen and outside of normal opening hours using modern devices. Security and data protection requirements are comprehensively covered whilst maintaining the highest level of user-friendliness.


Shaping The Future

Verimi is a young, proficient and highly ambitious team. We are looking to fill our ranks at our office in Berlin where our teams are passionately working to make the Internet fairer as well as more secure and convenient.



Verimi Is Founded by Strong Partners

Together with our partners, we pursue the goal of creating the most secure, user-friendly and trusted platform for identity services and payments across Europe. With Verimi we are creating a European network leveraging deep expertise from broad array of industries.