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Who We Are

Verimi is made up of a young, talented, and ambitious team. At our locations in Berlin and Germany, we work to make the Internet safer, more convenient, and fairer. Together with our partners, we are creating a European identity platform for greater data sovereignty.

Verimi - The New Identity Platform

Verimi was founded in May 2017 as a new, trusted European identity platform. Register, log in, and identify yourself for any online service using Verimi – across sectors. Verimi combines a convenient, central log-in (Single Sign On) with the highest standards of security and data protection in compliance with European regulations and the user’s right to self-determination regarding the use of their personal data.

A Strong Group of Shareholders Supports Verimi

Verimi is supported by a wide alliance of international companies. They share a common goal: creating the safest and most user-friendly trusted platform for identity services in Europe. Our partners include the following companies and their cross-sector skills.

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