Growing bigger together

Technical Integration

Verimi provides application partners with a low-cost integration infrastructure based on API concepts.

Verimi API

Through standards such as OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect 1.0, the Verimi API enables secure and integrated communication between external peripheral systems and both the Verimi platform and the platforms of our application partners. In addition, the API is being developed step by step and is freely available to the developer community.

Verimi SDK

In the initial phase of Verimi, the Software Development Kit (SDK) includes the functionalities of logging in and exchanging customer-specific data. The SDK is also optimized for reduced integration efforts.

Verimi Security

Secure electronic identities are the basis for legally compliant and trustworthy business processes on the Internet. With the publication of our Security White Paper we create transparency about the security setup of Verimi and invite the interested public for discussion.