Partner for your Industry

Verimi enables you to centrally deliver verified customer data that meets the identity attribute requirements for using your service. With drastic cost benefits, we support you with our Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution, which helps you comply with the specific regulations of your industry. Talk to us.


In conjunction with your banking service, Verimi offers you the transfer of identities of (new) customers that have already been collected in accordance with the AMLA. With Verimi, you can comply with the comprehensive guidelines in the fight against money laundering (AML): for customer identification according to KYC (Know Your Customer), Verimi supports you with efficient legitimation checks in accordance with EU standards. With Verimi, you can also provide online and mobile payment services through secure and innovative payment in conjunction with PSD2. In the future, users will be able to process their transactions easily and securely with Verimi.


The integration of Verimi gives you access to verified customer data to comply with eIDAS regulations in your business area. Already now we provide the security levels LoA 1 to 3 for identification means of your customers. LoA level 4 will also be possible with Verimi in the future. Thanks to end-to-end processing, we enable secure inheritance of identities and, for the first time, implement the transfer between internal and external billing partners for companies in the insurance industry.


For the implementation of the EU standard for signing and certifying electronic documents (eIDAS), Verimi is also a partner for companies in the telecommunications industry and supports you in the regulated data collection according to the Telecommunications Act (TKG). With Verimi, you fully meet the requirements of the Federal Network Agency. Benefit from cost- and time-efficient provision of previously collected identity data of your customers. In addition, you can already be compatible with the IoT standards of the future.


For companies in the automotive industry, Verimi means legal certainty in the processing of user data and the controlled exchange of verified identities with eIDAS conformity, which will form the basis of autonomous driving in Europe. Verimi as Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) supports you in the identification and authorization of drivers and access rights to the vehicle. Thanks to a low-cost integration structure, our solution is interoperable for your self-driving solutions.


Integrate Verimi for efficient rail, road and air logistics processes. Designed as an infrastructure component of end-to-end business models, Verimi is your partner for verified identity data. Our access ensures secure verification of customer data in accordance with eIDAS regulations. Functions such as the transmission of biometric data in cross-border traffic are just as feasible with us as the provision of verified delivery addresses of your customers from Germany and soon from all over Europe.