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COVID ID Check: 2G/3G Status with Identity Check

Speed up verification processes at your premises and query the 2G/3G status of your customers already in the online ordering process. Verimi matches the digital COVID certificate of the EU with the ID data of the customer for you.


How easy is it?

Step 1:
Your customer follows the normal ordering process in your online shop. At th checkout the customer proves his COVID-19 status by clicking on the Verimi OIDC button in the process.
Step 2:
The customer logs in to his Verimi account
Step 3:
With just one click the customer confirms the transmission of his 2G/3G status
Step 4:
The purchase can now be completed
Foto-Ident online ausweisen


Why Verimi?

How is my customers's identity matched?

Verimi is an identity wallet that covers all functions related to his digital identity: identification, login, payment and signing. For this purpose, the user initially digitises his ID data via, e.g., eID-, Verimi Bank-, Foto-, Video- and Local Ident, stores it in his ID wallet and can reuse them as needed, e.g., to match his EU COVID digital certificate and use it online. 

What is the difference between the COVID ID-Check from Verimi compared to the Corona-Warn-App solution?

Verimi processes the data of the EU COVID certificate centrally. This makes it possible to transmit the data matched to the user’s identity to third parties in the context of online ordering processes.   

So far, there is no legal basis for reading out the QR code of the EU COVID certificate. With the COVID ID-Check Verimi compares the COVID certificate with the users’s ID data with the customer’s consent. This way you can be sure that it is valid, genuine, as well as a personal document without scanning the QR code. This way, only the photo comparison remains at the entrance. 

What proofs can be checked with the COVID ID Check?

You can check the 2G or 3G status, i.e., vaccinated, recovered or tested, as required.

Does the COVID ID Check in the online ordering process save an on-site check?

Noaccording to the current regulations, a photo comparison must still be carried out. However, an additional check of the COVID certificate on site can be omitted. 

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