Foto-Ident online ausweisen

Verimi Photo-Ident

Verimi Photo-Ident offers users a fast and uncomplicated identification process - entirely digital and available 24/7.

Simply check the user identity

How it works:

Foto-Ident online ausweisen Foto-Ident online ausweisen Foto-Ident online ausweisen
1 Select ID
The user selects the type of ID with which they wish to identify themselves.
2 Scan ID
The user can easily scan their ID card with the smartphone camera.
3 Take a selfie
In selfie mode, the user takes a self-portrait.
Foto-Ident online ausweisen

Suitable for various identity documents

Verimi users can identify themselves not only with their identity card as an identification document, but also with their passport, driving licence and residence permit. Documents from 197 countries in 36 languages are accepted.

Comprehensive security for your identification process

By combining different verification components, you can tailor your identity verification to fit your needs.

Hybrid check

Your advantages

Advantages for your users

The simple digital solution for different industries

Verimi's new identification method can be used for different industries. Here are a few examples of our use cases:

DSGVO-konform Gesundheitsdaten online

Healthcare and eHealth

More data security so that your patients can use medical services digitally and conveniently.

Car Sharing Login ausweisen


Entirely digital verification of identity and driving licence for the use of mobility services, such as car sharing.

verimi cases telecommunication


Easy identification of your users, e.g., when buying a mobile phone online.

verimi versicherung


Uncomplicated registration for the use of insurance portals: Entirely digital and without postal dispatch.

verimi cases wettanbieter

Betting companies

Secure and fast verification for participation in online gambling.

online Ausweis Funktion


Depending on the level of assurance - digital and user-friendly verification of personal documents for digitised administrative procedures in the course of implementing the German Online Access Act (OZG).

Foto-Ident online ausweisen

The digital identity of the future

When identifying via Foto-Ident, the user deposits a digital identity as a Verimi-ID. They can use their Verimi-ID in both the private and public sector: for online identification, logging in, signing, or paying. As a Verimi Partner, you save time-consuming re-registration of your users. Verimi thus offers a secure digitalised world without obstacles.

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