Bank-Ident online ausweisen

Verimi Bank-Ident

Innovative, quick and entirely digital - the new AML-compliant identification process from Verimi. Users conveniently identify themselves online with their bank account.

Three simple steps

Verimi Bank-Ident users identify themselves with just a few clicks.

Bank Ident Schritt 1 Screen Bank Ident Schritt 2 Screen Bank Ident Schritt 3 Screen
1 Personal data
Enter or complete the user data and select the bank.
2 Reference remittance
Log in to your own bank account and initiate the reference remittance with a click.
3 Signature
Confirm the signature with a verification code sent by SMS.
Bank-Ident online ausweisen

For a better conversion rate

Available 24/7, independent of agents, fully automated and without physical handling of ID documents. With this innovative process, you design an optimal digital onboarding experience for your users that leads to a better conversion rate.

Bank-Ident mit Qualifizierter Elektronischer Signatur

With Verimi: Identification and QES signature in one

With Verimi Bank-Ident you can integrate contracts and other documents, such as credit, financing or insurance applications directly into the identification flow. Users can legally sign these applications inline via QES – no additional TAN entry is necessary.

This provides a convenient and clear user experience and increases your conversion.

Bank-Ident online ausweisen

Innovation through access-to-account technology

Verimi combines different identification modules into an innovative and secure process. The combination of Payment Initiation Service (PIS) and Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) complies with the German Anti Money Laundering Act (GwG). Further checks for identification run automatically in the background.

Your advantages

Advantages for users

Bank-Ident online ausweisen

Long-term advantages

During identification, user creates their digital identity as a Verimi-ID. This can be reused conveniently and securely to identify themselves again online with just a few clicks. The data is safe as in a data vault. Verimi offers its users a digitalised world without obstacles – and you can save yourself time-consuming re-registrations in the future.

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