Our Principles

We not only take the protection of your digital identity and personal data seriously, we are revolutionising it. Our focus is on you - the user. After all, with Verimi you stay on top of where you use your data. No one can access your data without your explicit consent. Your data are not shared for advertising purposes at any time. You keep control of your data.

We have committed ourselves to the following principles:


1. We store your data securely.

The data in your Verimi account are encrypted individually and can only be viewed by you.

2. We believe you should decide who gets your data.

You can transfer the data in your Verimi account to individual partners and use them there. Only you decide which data you want to share.

3. We promise that the data in your Verimi account will not leave Europe.

Verimi stores all data on servers in Germany and Europe. We not only comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) but practise the principle of security by design.

4. We give you the option to add an extra layer of security to your account.

An additional security feature (two-factor authentication) offers further protection for your account – such as with touch or face ID.

5. We give you full control of your data.

Device and session management provides you with full transparency of when and with which device you last logged in and saved your Verimi account.

6. We undergo testing – for your security.

Verimi is a certified OpenID Connect provider and TÜViT has confirmed a substantial level of security in our identification procedure in accordance with European directives. Our systems are monitored continuously and tested by external institutions.


7. We don’t track you for advertising purposes.

We do not collect or share data for personalised advertising.

8. We program in the heart of Europe.

Verimi was created in Berlin and is developed with European partners.

9. We work on your security with the best security experts in the industry.

Together with leading institutions from industry and science, we continuously develop and refine our security mechanisms. We have published our Verimi security architecture for you in our Security White Paper.

10. We work with partners you can trust.

Our circle of partners includes established international companies (About Page). In collaboration with them, we create a standard solution for all sectors, including mobility as well as banking and e-government.