­čöö NEWS UPDATE: Verimi supports the new internet-based vehicle registration!

Your digital ID card

The Verimi ID Wallet

Identify online with just one click. Register for free and easily identify yourself with our partners.

Identify online

Store ID documents digitally to identify yourself online.

Sign digitally

Sign legally and digitally with partners.

Easy login

Use Verimi credentials to securely login to partners.

Get to know the

Verimi ID Wallet


Always have personal documents with you.

All activities at a glance.

Share your verified credentials as a PDF.

Full control

With Verimi you have control over who gets your data and for what.

Well protected

Protect your ID wallet with a second factor (PIN or biometrics).

Server in the EU

We store your ID Wallet only in the EU. Our wallet has been certified many times.


also as an app

Download the Verimi ID Wallet now and load your ID card and driver’s license into your cell phone.