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Use your free Verimi account to safely store your personal information and to easily log in to many online services.

Only you decide with whom to share your information.

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One Account – Many Possibilities

Registering made easy - Log in safely - Online Identification - Digital signatures

Registering made easy

Your account lets you register at Verimi partners in just a few clicks.

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Login safely everywhere

One universal log-in for everything: Use only your e-mail address and one password from now on, add a second factor for more security. Connect your existing user accounts with your Verimi account in just a few clicks.

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Identify yourself online

Verify your data. Store your personal identification card or driver’s license to identify yourself easily and use data seamlessly at partner services.


(Soon) Sign documents digitally

Verimi lets you sign online documents with just one click.


Use all of Verimi's features safely with the app

Download the free app to use Verimi on the go, and further secure your user account with a PIN or Touch ID for your smartphone.

Always Stay on Top of Your Data

With Verimi, you control when and where you use your data.

Verimi keeps your data safe.

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