Verimi Dienste Ident

Your COVID Pass:
Proof of Vaccination and
COVID-19 Status

Finally, travelling and enjoying public life again! With the digital COVID Pass in your Verimi app, you always have your EU COVID Certificate digitally on your smartphone. From now on, connect it to your ID data and transmit your COVID-19 status already in the online ordering process.

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Ihre digitale ID sicher

Your digital ID. Safe and easy to use everywhere

With Verimi-ID, you can easily prove your identity online without having to pull out your ID. Always safe and fast.

The benefits of a Verimi-ID

Once created free of charge, your Verimi-ID can be used whenever you need to prove your identity online. Verimi puts all your identity data in one place.

Vorteile einer Verimi ID Digitale Id Dienste Daten sicher online
One ID for many services.
Log in quickly, pay conveniently online and sign documents digitally. All this only works with the digital Verimi-ID.
Goodbye waiting times. Hello Verimi.
Simply create your digital ID and get going right away at banks, car sharing services, and much more. Once verified, you save time over and over again.
Everything under control.
With your Verimi-ID, you have your personal data in an account and you can decide on which companies you want to share it with.
Sicherheit persoenlicher Daten
Sicherheit persoenlicher Daten

Your security is important to us

With your Verimi-ID, you can prove online who you are. To make this secure, we individually encrypt your data and do not market it.

Daten online sicher verwahren
Securely stored
In your Verimi-Account, you can store your data securely online - just like in a data vault.
Sichere ID in Europa
In Europe for you
Our servers are located in Europe. And at Verimi, international experts work to ensure your security.

How to use the Verimi-ID

Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank

Use your Verimi-ID to identify yourself online with Deutsche Bank in order to open a bank account. Then you can log in to online banking with Verimi.


Deutsche Telekom

With your Verimi-ID, you can easily log in on the Telekom customer portal and manage your mobile phone bills and contract details.

Volkswagen Financial Services AG

Volkswagen Financial Services

Buy your new car without paperwork. Proof of identification, contract signing and viewing contracts: everything is fully digital with Verimi.


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