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Verimi eID-Ident: Identification with the online ID card

With an electronic ID card and a smartphone, your customers can identify themselves easily and in compliance with the AMLA.

Smartphone-Bildschirm zeigt Aufforderung, das Gerät zum Scannen an einen Ausweis zu halten.

Identification with the online ID function to prevent fraud

Avoid manual data entry and incorrect entries by your customers. With Verimi eID-Ident, the identity attributes stored in the official ID document are read easily and directly, e.g. from the ID card or residence permit.

Verimi eID-Ident is a simple and secure identification procedure for both non-regulated and regulated sectors. The online ID card (nPA) with the eID is recognized in all regulated sectors, e.g. according to the Money Laundering Act (GwG).

Your advantages at a glance

Maximum security

Your customers benefit from immediate identification - simply and securely by entering their personal ID PIN in the Verimi app.

Precise data transmission

The eID function reads data directly from the ID card and eliminates transmission errors. Identity fraud and inaccurate results are ruled out.

Available 24/7

Customers can identify themselves securely at any time. All they need is a smartphone with the Verimi app and an ID card with the eID online ID function.

Legally compliant

Meet all legal requirements by using the official online ID card and identify yourself in compliance with AMLA, TKG and eIDAS.

Smartphone-Bildschirm zeigt die Eingabeaufforderung f√ľr eine pers√∂nliche, 6-stellige PIN.
Bildschirmanzeige eines Smartphones mit der Aufforderung, es f√ľr den Scanvorgang an einen Ausweis zu halten.
Smartphone-Bildschirm zeigt die erfolgreiche Auslesung von Personaldaten durch eine eID-App.

Identification with only a few steps - how it works

Enter PIN

Your customers enter the eID PIN.

Scan ID card

They read their ID card via NFC.

Confirm data

They confirm that the personal data has been transferred correctly.

Our test procedures provide simple and effective protection against fraud

Document authenticity

Is the ID document genuine and forgery-free?

Two-factor authentication

Is the process confirmed by a second factor (PIN)?

Combine Verimi eID-Ident with other products

Verimi Sign - Conclude contracts easily online

Combine Verimi eID-Ident with Verimi Sign so that customers can also sign digitally as part of the identity verification process. This is very easy and legally valid with the qualified electronic signature (QES).

Verimi Access - Convenient access to your customer portal

With Verimi’s Single Sign-On (SSO), your customers can log in to your customer portal conveniently and securely with just a few clicks. If desired, they can easily transfer data from their Verimi ID wallet.

Other Verimi Ident methods at a glance


Digital proof of identity with just one click. Customers use their data already stored in the Verimi ID Wallet to prove their identity with just one click.


Easily verify the identity of your customers in just a few minutes. It’s easy with photos of their ID document and a selfie.


Digital verification with an agent via video chat. Opt for an AMLA-compliant solution that meets high security requirements.


The digital identity check on site. Your customers simply identify themselves to an employee directly at the point of sale (POS) in compliance with the AMLA.

What is the best way to identify customers?

We help you to find the perfect identification method for your use case – completely free of charge, of course.

How you can use Verimi-Ident in your industry

Our solutions are versatile and can be used for both regulated and non-regulated industries and use cases. Find out more about the possible applications here.

Banking/ Finance

From opening an account to concluding a contract: Verimi allows you to verify your customers securely and legally digitally.


Identify your customers digitally, e.g. when submitting applications online or admitting new patients.


Conclude digital contracts in compliance with the requirements of the Federal Network Agency.


Digitally identify your customers with legal validity and prevent fraud.


Identify new customers, check driving licences and close sales digitally.

Betting providers

Prevent online fraud and comply with youth protection laws: With Verimi, your players can prove their identity securely and legally.


Support the implementation of the Online Access Act (OZG) with our digital solutions, for example for ID checks and legally valid online applications.

Vacation & Travel

Traveling has never been so easy! Enable your customers to identify themselves contactlessly, e.g. as part of booking and check-in processes.

Online Gaming

Verify the age and identity of users legally, securely and completely digitally, e.g. as part of player registration.

Associations & clubs

Whether applying for or managing services: With Verimi, you enable existing and prospective members to identify themselves digitally.

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Verimi eID-Ident

Your customers can identify and authenticate themselves using the online ID card function of the new ID card (nPA) and the NFC-function on their smartphone.

Ihre Vorteile auf einen Blick

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Erf√ľllt regulatorische Anforderungen Ihrer Branche (GwG, TKG und eIDAS substanziell)

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Nutzung der eID-Funktion des Personalausweises inklusive persönlicher PIN

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Schnelle und agentenunabhängige  Kundenidentifizierung

3-step identification

How it works:

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1 Enter eID PIN

The customer enters the received PIN for the first verification

2 Scan ID

His ID card is read via NFC

3 Confirmation of data

The customer confirms the correctness of his personal data by clicking "continue"

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Höhere Conversion

Hohe Abschlussrate durch integrierte Nutzung der Online- Ausweisfunktion

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Einfache Integration

Nahtlose Integration in Ihre individuelle Infrastruktur

What's required

  • A German identity card or electronic residence permit with activated online ID function
  • A smartphone with enabled NFC-function (Near Field Communication-function)
  • The personal 6-digit PIN of the new ID card or the 5-digit Transport-PIN
  • The Verimi app

Use cases

Use eID-Ident to offer your customers an easy and secure identification process for businesses in regulated sectors. This includes, among others, Anti Money Laundering (AML) compliant online deals with banks and insurance companies, the identification at administrations but also business deals under the Telecommunications Act (TCA), such as buying a SIM-card.

Integrate Verimi eID-Ident now!

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We will be happy to help you find the right solutions and offers for you. Simply fill in the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Numerous partners trust Verimi

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Data protection is an important issue for us. Here you find our Privacy Policy.

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