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Verimi Pay: Secure online transactions

Offer your customers a digital shopping experience and benefit from risk-free payment. Verimi protects you from payment defaults and carries out all important security checks for you.

Risk-free payments with Verimi Pay

Your customers pay by secure direct debit or payment initiation service (ZAD) to ensure a risk-free process for you.

With secure direct debit, the amount is paid out to you immediately after the purchase is completed and Verimi bears the risk in the event of non-payment. With a bank transfer using our payment initiation service, your customer initiates a transfer from their bank account online. This ensures that the goods are paid for directly at the time of purchase.

Your advantages at a glance

Verified buyer data

Verimi Pay is risk-free for you thanks to a variety of verification procedures. For example, a credit check is used for verification.

Fully automated payment

Enable your customers to pay quickly and complete transactions around the clock.

Higher conversion

Simple re-use of payment information enables one-click payments – and better conversion figures.

MLA-compliant identification

More than just payment: With Verimi Ident, you can also check the identity of your customers securely and in compliance with the AMLA.

Pay in 3 steps - how it works

Entering customer data

Your customer starts the payment process and enters their personal details.

Entering the payment information

The purchase is continued by entering the payment information.

Payment initiation

Your customer confirms his identity with an smsTAN to complete the purchase.

Combine Verimi Pay with other products

Verimi Ident – Secure customer identification for online sales

Securely verify the identity of your customers during online transactions and prevent fraud! Our established identification procedures cover all regulatory levels and can be easily combined.

Verimi Sign – Digital & legally compliant signing

Use the electronic signature from Verimi to have documents digitally signed in a simple and legally valid way, for example with the qualified electronic signature (QES). Verimi Sign can be used to sign PDF documents, e.g. applications and purchase contracts.

How you can use Verimi in your industry

Our solutions are versatile and can be used for both regulated and non-regulated industries and use cases. Find out more about the possible applications here.

Banking/ Finance

Enable your customers to pay particularly easily by logging into their personal Verimi account.


Verify the identity of patients and much more.


Your customers pay quickly and securely with just a few clicks. At the same time, you can identify yourself digitally with Verimi Ident.


Verify the identity of policyholders and enable them to pay their insurance premium securely with Verimi Pay.


Check drivers' licenses and enable secure payment transactions, e.g. in vehicle leasing.

Betting providers

Protect yourself from fraud. Your players identify themselves for gambling in accordance with the law and can pay online at the same time.


Enable fast and legally compliant processes for identity verification and payment of applications.

Vacation & Travel

Digital check-in from home: Verify the identity of your customers when making bookings and enable simple online payments.

Online Gaming

Identify your players in accordance with regulatory requirements and process online payments securely to prevent fraud.

Associations & clubs

Offer Verimi Pay for the secure payment of membership fees. With Verimi Ident, you can also reliably verify the identity of new members over the Internet.

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