🔔 Wie kann ich mein Unternehmen auf die eIDAS2.0 und die EUDI-Wallets vorbereiten?

EU regulation changes KYC / customer onboarding and log-in solutions.

All companies have to prepare for the new framework conditions from 2025. We help you prepare for the new requirements and opportunities with eIDAS 2.0 and EUDI Wallets.

What do eIDAS 2.0 and EUDI Wallets mean for my company?

The new EU regulation will apply in Germany from 2025! Companies from regulated sectors must adapt their digital processes accordingly. Non-regulated companies should also adapt their processes, as the new standards will bring relevant changes – and relevant benefits!

The standards influence the digital user experience and digital business processes at companies – it is important to find out about the new requirements and possibilities as quickly as possible and to start implementing them in your own company soon!

What potential do eIDAS 2.0 and EUDI Wallets offer for my business processes?

End-to-end digitization

Internal and external business processes can be digitized effectively and user-centrically end-to-end on the basis of uniform standards.


Transaction and process costs are significantly reduced on the basis of uniform standards.


The conversion rate in onboarding and authentication is drastically increased by Europe-wide standards.


The eIDAS standards can be used for company or industry-related proofs in the individual EUDI Wallet.

What specific requirements does eIDAS 2.0 place on my company?

customers (KYC)

Organizations that are required by regulation to perform a KYC process must accept EUDI Wallets. Organizations that carry out KYC processes at their own discretion can accept EUDI Wallets. For all, the acceptance of EUDI Wallets brings great advantages.

user (SCA)

Organizations that are required to use strong user authentication procedures must also support SCA with the EUDI Wallet. Other organizations can use EUDI Wallets for authentication. The use of EUDI Wallets brings great advantages for everyone.


Companies and providers from regulated sectors (e.g. financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, utilities and administration) as well as online platforms that are defined as “gatekeepers” under the EU Digital Markets Act must accept EUDI Wallets. Gatekeepers” include, for example, social networks, search engines and marketplaces with a significant influence on the EU internal market.

How can I prepare my company for eIDAS2.0 and EUDI Wallets?

We support companies and organizations to prepare for eIDAS 2.0 and EUDI Wallets in a targeted manner

eIDAS Workshop

We offer deep-dive workshops and clarify, among other things: What is eIDAS, what effects does eIDAS have? Where does eIDAS affect my company? How is my company preparing for the upcoming eIDAS requirements? We address these central questions in a 2-day workshop.

Test EUDI Wallet

Thanks to our many years of live experience with ID Wallets, we know what is important – and we have a live application that already largely covers the upcoming eIDAS standards. Use this for the live testing of your use cases and validate your business processes in a proof-of-concept (POC) in accordance with eIDAS requirements.

eIDAS stands for “Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services” and is an EU regulation. It regulates electronic identification and trust services in the EU internal market.

The eIDAS 2.0 regulation was adopted in March 2024 and is intended to lead to a technically standardized solution in all European member states. The EU member states must offer all citizens “EUDI Wallets” by 2026, which are based on uniform technical standards and also offer a PID (Personal Identification Data) that can be stored in the EUDI Wallets to enable identification.

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