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Verimi Bank-Ident: Identification via online banking

Your customers use their personal bank account to identify themselves digitally. Identification with Verimi Bank-Ident is carried out in compliance with money laundering legislation and know-your-customer requirements via the login into the online banking.

Convenient identity check for everyone - simply via online banking access

Offer your customers the opportunity to identify themselves conveniently and without any ID documents: just with their familiar online banking access. Identity verification is completely digital. With Verimi, your customers can also sign contracts digitally. Around the clock, legally valid and completely digital.

Your benefits at a glance

MLA-, eIDAS- and KYC-compliant

Fully automated online identification. For MLA in combination with a reference transfer and QES.

Around-the-clock identification

Your customers can identify themselves 24/7 and in just a few minutes using their bank account, regardless of opening hours.

Higher completion rates for your company

Identification with the online banking login without an ID document enables the best possible conversion figures.

Fully automated onboarding without agents

Innovative digital onboarding experience for your customers - independent of agents and physical ID documents.

Benefit from the Verimi Bank-Ident procedure

Watch the video to find out how you can increase your conversation rates and reduce your costs with the Verimi Bank-Ident process.

Identification in 3 steps - how it works

The Verimi Bank-Ident procedure can be carried out as a simple Ident-Check (step 1 only) or as an MLA-compliant identification.

Bildschirm der Verimi-App zur Auswahl der Hausbank für die Online-Identifizierung.
Bildschirmansicht einer Bank-App, die die Bestätigung einer Überweisung an die Verimi GmbH anzeigt.
Eingabefeld für einen Überprüfungscode in einer Authentifizierungs-App zur Identitätsbestätigung.

Log in to online banking

Your customers select their own bank and log in to their personal online banking account.

Trigger reference transfer

Your customers initiate a reference transfer of
1 cent and thus confirm the account access.

Sign digitally

The process is confirmed with a qualified electronic signature. This ensures that the identity is compliant with the AMLA.

Secure and convenient for your customers

Offer your customers security and convenience: Verimi Bank-Ident can be used flexibly by your customers at any time and any place – in accordance with the requirements of the German Money Laundering Act (GwG) or without GwG level in unregulated sectors.

Our test procedures provide simple and effective protection against fraud

Data Cross-Reference-Check

Has the correct address been entered?


Is your customer's identity registered with SCHUFA?

Bank account check

Does SCHUFA have information on the bank account?

Reference transfer

Does the reference transfer work via bank login and TAN?

Two-factor authentication

Is the process confirmed by a second factor (SMS)?

Tablet zeigt eine Authentifizierungsseite mit einer Option zur Bestätigung über Face ID.

Protection against fake accounts and fraud

With Verimi’s Ident-Check, you can reliably protect yourself against fake accounts and fraud in the context of direct debit payments. Using the Verimi Bank-Ident procedure ensures that the IBAN provided really belongs to the customer. Alternatively, other methods, e.g. simple 1-click identification with the Verimi ID Wallet, can be used for identity verification.

Combine Verimi Bank-Ident with other products

Verimi Sign – Contract signing on the Internet

Combine your customers’ identity verification with Verimi Sign so that they can sign documents digitally, conveniently and legally with a qualified electronic signature (QES).

Verimi Access - Secure login to your customer portal

Your customers use Verimi’s Single Sign-On (SSO) to conveniently log in to your customer portal with just a few clicks.

Other Verimi Ident methods at a glance


Your customers use the data already stored in the Verimi ID Wallet to identify themselves to you, log in, pay and sign. Digitally with just one click.


Easily verify the identity of your customers with a photo of their ID documents and a selfie of your customers – for regulated and unregulated sectors.


MLA-compliant identity verification with the online ID function of the ID card. The identity check is carried out conveniently via smartphone.


Speed up the identification of your customers on site with Verimi Local-Ident. Local-Ident is a secure and particularly user-friendly process directly at the point of sale.

We help you to find the best identification method

Regulated or unregulated, with or without an agent, fully digital online or on site… there are a few things to consider when choosing the right identification process. Take the test to find out which method suits you best.

How you can use Verimi-Ident in your industry

Our solutions are versatile and can be used for both regulated and non-regulated industries and use cases. Find out more about the possible applications here. 

Banking/ Finance

Enable your customers to submit online applications, open bank accounts and much more.

Healthcare sector

Verify the identity of patients digitally, e.g. for paperless applications or the activation of your online customer portal.


Our identification procedures fulfil the requirements of the Federal Network Agency and are suitable for the sale of SIM cards, for example.


Identify new customers, take out legally valid policies and prevent insurance fraud.


From vehicle leasing to sales: check the driving licence and identity of drivers and contractors.

Betting provider

Check the age and identity of your players in advance to comply with youth protection laws and prevent online fraud.


Legally verify the identity of citizens, e.g. in the context of digital applications. We help you to implement the Online Access Act (OAA).

Holiday & Travel

Make travel planning easier for customers and passengers with contactless identification, e.g. for travel bookings or check-in at the airport.

Online Gaming

Your customers simply prove their age and identity online, e.g. when registering in your online gaming portal.

Associations & clubs

Verify the identity of your members completely online or digitally on site, for example when processing applications or membership contracts.

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Verimi Bank-Ident

Customers can use Verimi Bank-Ident to securely identify with their personal bank account. The user identifies themself digitally and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliant via login to his bank account.

Comprehensive security

Verimi combines different identification modules for an innovative and secure process. The combination of Payment Initiation Service (PIS) and Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) complies with the requirements of the German Anti-Money Laundering Act. The decisive factor is the verified identity data stored on the bank account. In addition, the process is certified by an independent service provider and accepted by the responsible state supervisory authority.

3-step identification

How it works:

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1 Online banking login

Select bank and login to personal online banking  

2 Reference transfer

Trigger reference remittance of 0,01 cents  

3 Confirm signature

Confirmation of qualified electronic signature

For a better conversion rate

Available 24/7, independent of agents, fully automated and without physical handling of ID documents. With this innovative process, you design an optimal digital onboarding experience for your customers that leads to a better conversion rate.

Your benefits at a glance

Icon_check Copy 3


Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and eIDAS compliant identification of your customers

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Higher conversion

Identification via online banking login without identification document promotes a smaller bounce rate

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Our identification modules offer special fraud protection

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Easy to integrate

Seamless integration into your individual infrastructure

What's required

  • A German bank account
  • A device with internet connection and a SIM card: smartphone or tablet
  • No Verimi app​

Use cases

Use Verimi Bank-Ident for an AML compliant identification of your customers, for example for credit or insurance applications. As part of the identification process, individualised contracts can be signed as well — around the clock, legally valid and digital.

Integrate Verimi Bank-Ident now!

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Numerous partners trust Verimi

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