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Prevent Ident Fraud. Save revenue.

Ensure revenue growth and customer satisfaction with our automated identity checks.

Countless partners place their trust in Verimi.

Step 1: Transaction is rejected

Customers go through the usual shopping process. However, your Risk Engine rejects the transaction when the payment method is selected.

Step 2: Choose Ident Method

To complete the transaction, customers are asked to identify themselves. A variety of identification options are available.

Step 3: Complete your purchase

After successful identification, the purchase can be completed successfully.

We save your turnover!

The number of legitimate transactions that are rejected due to stricter anti-fraud measures is constantly increasing. These transactions go through an additional identity check to ensure legitimate purchases. This converts false positives into sales and customers can continue to enjoy a positive customer experience.

Prevent fraud and secure sales

Protect your sales from fraudulent purchases and prevent losses before the goods leave the warehouse.

Ensure maximum reliability without compromising the customer experience.

Make it easier for your customers to choose identity verification.

In order to eliminate the transaction risk in real time, an additional identity check can be triggered for buyers. A variety of identification options are available to increase conversion rates. Customers choose the type of identification that suits them best.

Fast integration

Prevent loss of sales immediately and simply get started – with just a few steps to integrate into your existing systems. No lead time and no need for advanced technical know-how.

Protection against fake accounts and fraud

ID wallets help companies to effectively protect offers from fake accounts and fraud. We have summarized how this works in our blog article.

Ready to go?

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