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Verimi Access: Secure access to online services

Whether logging into the service portal or online banking: enable your customers to access your customer portal securely and easily with Verimi. Verimi offers the convenience of a single sign-on (SSO) in compliance with European security standards.

Convenient and secure access to your online portal

Prevent long registration processes and high bounce rates: With Verimi’s single sign-on, your customers can conveniently log in to you and many other partners using their Verimi access data. You only need one login for various data. When logging into your portal, other data stored in the Verimi ID Wallet can also be easily transmitted, e.g. first and last name, e-mail address, telephone number, address and date of birth of your customer.

Your advantages at a glance

Reduces support requests

Lower customer login error rate due to fewer forgotten passwords.

Higher conversion

Single sign-on (SSO) and data prefill promote a lower abandonment rate.

More security

High security thanks to verified identity and two-factor authentication (2FA).

Simple data transmission

Data from the Verimi ID Wallet can be transferred in the same process.

Log in in 2 steps - how it works

User login with Verimi

Your customers click on the green Verimi button to log in.

Data transmission (optional)

If desired, they can transfer data stored in the Verimi ID Wallet to you with one click.

Combine Verimi Access with other products

Verimi Ident - Online identity verification for all use cases

Verimi Ident makes it easier than ever to identify your customers – both in unregulated sectors and in regulated sectors in compliance with AMLA and KYC. Enable your customers to identify themselves securely with just a few clicks, for example as part of digital onboarding processes online or on-site at the point of sale.

Digital and legally valid signing with Verimi Sign

Have documents signed digitally at any time and from anywhere, e.g. applications, contracts and certificates. This is easy, secure and legally valid with the qualified electronic signature (QES). Verimi Sign can be used for all PDF documents that require a one-sided signature.

How you can use Verimi in your industry

Our solutions are versatile and can be used for both regulated and non-regulated industries and use cases. Find out more about the possible applications here.

Banking/ Finance

Whether opening an account or signing a contract: with Verimi, your customers can log in securely and identify themselves in a KYC-compliant manner.


Enable your members to log in to your health portal securely and easily.


Your customers can conveniently log in to your portal, e.g. to view invoices or contract documents.


Secure and easy access to the member portal for your customers.


Your customers log in quickly and conveniently, e.g. to lease a vehicle from you.

Betting providers

Fast and secure log-in for players – that's possible with Verimi! In combination with Verimi Ident, your customers can also prove their identity.


We help you to implement the Online Access Act (OZG) – e.g. with our solutions for digital log-in and digital signatures.

Vacation & Travel

Integrate Verimi's fast and secure log-in – for example into your booking platform!

Online Gaming

Quick log-in to online gaming: With Verimi Access, your players can get started straight away. If you would also like to verify your age and identity, you can do so securely with Verimi Ident.

Associations & clubs

Simplify access to your online membership portal to give your members quick insight into your services, manage personal data and much more.

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