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Send ID card copy: Verimi app simplifies the process with PDF creation and sending

Smartphone zeigt digitale Ausweis-App mit der Option, den Ausweis als PDF zu teilen.


Have you ever had to send a copy of an ID card? Did you then simply photograph your ID? Did you scan the ID on the PC? Or did you even have to look for a copy store first? The concern about protecting your personal data resonates in all of this. Who can use the photo if I lose my cell phone or computer? Are the photos automatically uploaded to the photo cloud and who has access there? Will I still know later where I stored the pictures? There is always the uncertainty whether everything was safe and sound.

Verimi now has a solution for this: Verimi offers an ID Wallet to store your ID data securely digitally! Secure, because Verimi is certified many times and even regulated by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority. Digital, because all you need afterwards is your cell phone. And from now on, you can also easily share your ID directly from the ID Wallet via PDF – 24/7, completely digitally from anywhere! In this blogpost, you’ll learn how this new feature simplifies your everyday life and gives you a completely digital solution.

The end of tedious ID copying.

In the past, sending copies of ID cards was a chore. Who doesn’t know it; at the exact moment I need an ID copy, I don’t even have the ID with me! Or I take pictures of the front and back and then can’t get the pictures into the email. Or I have to transfer the pictures from the cell phone to the computer first. And then I can’t get both sides neatly formatted on one sheet. And so on – all this always cost a lot of time & nerves. With the Verimi ID Wallet App this is a thing of the past. You now have your ID card data always at hand in a safe place and you can share it directly from your smartphone – at any time.


How does PDF sharing of ID card data work?

Sharing your badge data as a PDF is as easy as can be: you open the Verimi app, you access your badge, and with the “Share” button you create the PDF for sending. The app generates the PDF completely automatically. This is then already prepared so that you can send it directly to the desired recipients. Without any additional effort!


The practical helper in everyday life

The ‘Share’ function in Verimi ID Wallet offers numerous practical use cases. Imagine you want to move and your new landlord asks for your ID data. Instead of copying your ID and emailing it, you can now simply create the PDF and send it directly to the landlord. Or your insurance company asks that you please send in a copy of your ID. Or you need the copy for a loan or financing. In everyday life it happens regularly that you are asked for a copy of your ID. And then Verimi saves you time and nerves.


The ideal travel companion even on vacation

Are you checking into your vacation apartment, camping site or hotel? Often you will be asked for a copy of your ID before you arrive, so that the check-in can be prepared – more and more often the check-in is already done completely digitally and exclusively online! With the Verimi ID Wallet you can easily send the PDF of your ID data directly to your host, even when you are on the road. Or you rent a car, a scooter or a surfboard on site and the local rental company needs a copy of your ID – but you don’t always have your ID with you, especially on vacation? Don’t panic! If you have stored your data securely in the Verimi ID-Wallet, simply send your verified ID data in PDF format directly to the car rental company! Fast, secure and digital.

And the highlight is: In the Verimi ID-Wallet your ID documents are always available verified – so you can also show the data via “show-your-screen” and it is the verified digitally recorded data. That’s worth a lot more than a simple photo!


What to do if you lost your identity card?

Losing your ID card can be annoying and stressful, but there are steps you can take to manage the situation:

  1. Report the loss immediately: Immediately notify your local police department of the loss of your ID card. This will prevent misuse and limit any use of your personal information by unauthorized persons.
  2. Apply for a replacement: visit your local citizens’ office or ID card authority and apply for a replacement ID card.
  3. Prevent identity theft: Monitor your bank statements and check your credit reports regularly to identify suspicious activity. If you suspect identity theft, contact the appropriate authorities or organizations immediately.
  4. Use digital copy: To avoid the risk of losing your ID card in the future, it’s a good idea to use an ID wallet to keep your ID data with you digitally at all times. Only in very few cases is it absolutely necessary to present a physical ID card – in everyday life, a digital copy is sufficient. In the Verimi ID-Wallet this is securely stored and, above all, verified!


Security and data protection come first

An important aspect when using such an app is the security of your ID data. With the Verimi ID wallet app, you don’t have to worry. The app uses advanced security measures and encryption technologies to ensure that your data is protected. Verimi has received multiple certifications, has even been approved by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior for the secure storage of ID data, and is monitored by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bafin). You always have full control over who you send your credential data to.

PDF sharing of ID data from Verimi ID Wallet offers a timely solution for identity verification and saves you time and effort. Not to mention the peace of mind that your personal information is safe. Try it out and discover the benefits of the Verimi app. Download it now and enjoy a completely digital solution for your ID!