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Wallet as a Service

Offer your customers a digital wallet in your own corporate design, which is tailored to your exact needs.

What is Wallet as a Service?

With Wallet as a Service (WaaS) you use the already existing infrastructure of the Verimi Wallet, the digital wallet, for the flexible creation of your own, brand-specific wallet. Content and functions are assembled according to your wishes using the modular principle - secure, efficient and scalable.

How can Wallet as a Service be deployed?

Make it easier for your customers and users to access your services and simplify the customer journey from start to finish. With Wallet as a Service you can request the attributes you need, such as ID and driving licence data, COVID certificates, membership cards, personal data, and many other attributes. These are digitally stored and managed in your company wallet. Even the customer account login, signings of contracts, as well as the payment of fees and invoices and much more is possible with your Wallet.

For which industries is WaaS suitable?

Use Wallet-as-a-Service in regulated and non-regulated sectors. Verimi can draw on existing certifications and approvals to quickly provide suitable solutions for companies in various regulated sectors, e.g. for partners required to comply with the Money Laundering Act (AML), for partners operating under the Telecommunications Act (TCA) or wishing to meet compliance with eIDAS. Currently, Verimi is also preparing the approval for the healthcare sector. The wallet modules can be combined modularly for the individual wallet solution. The respective customer bases of the individual partners are, of course, managed completely separately.

Benefit from the following services

Development and operation of the individual wallet solution

Integration into your corporate design

Integrated identification, authentication, signing and payment services

Use of established approvals and certifications

Independent order processing of your customer data

Extension with partner-specific attributes and functions

Your benefits at a glance

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Quick market launch

Selection from building set with proven value-added modules

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Ideal user experience

Experience from wallet processes proven in live operation

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Secure access

Secure customer access with login and two-factor authentication

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Regulatory compliance

Existing sector-specific approvals and certifications

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Secure operation

Established processes and security standards for live operation

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Low complexity

Integrated performance modules complementary to individual requirements

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