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Verimi Sign: Conclude contracts digitally

Enable your customers to conveniently and legally sign PDF documents with the qualified electronic signature (QES). This includes applications, purchase contracts and certificates, for example.

Conclude legally compliant contracts at any time and from anywhere

With Verimi Sign, your customers can easily sign PDF documents digitally – completely paperless in your branch or online from home. Verimi Sign fulfils particularly high security standards to ensure a smooth process. Our solution is therefore also suitable for use cases with particularly high legal requirements – e.g. for the electronic signature of official documents or credit agreements.

Your advantages at a glance

Legally compliant signature with the QES

The QES is the digital equivalent of the legally binding ‘handwritten signature’ and is implemented in compliance with eIDAS.

Fast and paperless process

Save yourself the hassle of paperwork and protect the environment – Verimi Sign works completely digitally.

User-friendly process boosts your conversion rate

24/7, from anywhere on different devices – that's how convenient digital signing is. Increase the number of contracts you sign!

Sign multiple documents in one process

Have several documents signed at once to make your processes more efficient and user-friendly.

Digital signing in just a few steps – here's how it works

Document view

Your customers are shown the document to be signed for review.

Electronic signature

You conveniently sign the document digitally.


Your customers confirm the electronic signature using smsTAN.

Sign documents in the Verimi ID-Wallet

Once your customers have identified themselves to the required level of trust and stored their verified data in the Verimi ID Wallet, they can sign documents directly in their Verimi ID Wallet. Watch the video to find out how this works.

Combine Verimi Sign with other products

Verimi Ident – Online identity verification at all regulatory levels

Enable your customers to securely identify themselves to you with just a few clicks – for example as part of digital onboarding processes or for digital document signing.

The QES can be combined with various identification methods. Your customer has a free choice of suitable methods.

Verimi Pay – Simple and secure online payment

With Verimi-Pay, you can offer your customers the opportunity to carry out transactions quickly and securely. Our express checkout ensures that your customers are trustworthy and that the sale is processed quickly.

Digital signing & identification - for example for digital vehicle registration

Have documents and authorisations digitally signed simply and legally with the qualified electronic signature from Verimi. The process has been used successfully for some time in digital vehicle registration (i-Kfz) – find out more here.

How you can use Verimi-Sign in your industry

Our solutions are versatile and can be used for both regulated and non-regulated industries and use cases. Find out more about the possible applications here.

Banking/ Finance

Your customers can conveniently and legally sign applications and contracts online.


Conclude contracts with new customers online and have documents digitally signed with legal validity.


Identify new customers and have contracts and documents signed digitally at the same time.


From insurance applications to contract conclusions: With Verimi Sign, your customers can sign insurance documents online with legal validity.


Whether vehicle leasing or sales: Verimi simplifies digital signature and identification processes online or on site.

Betting provider

Use Verimi to securely identify your customers in accordance with the requirements of the German Money Laundering Act (GwG) and the State Treaty on Gambling (GlüStV).


Enable citizens to submit legally valid applications online using identity verification and qualified electronic signatures.

Holiday & Travel

Carry out quick and digital identity checks and conclude contracts at the same time.

Online Gaming

Check the identity of your players and obtain proof of age that complies with youth protection regulations.

Associations & clubs

Speed up the admission of new members with our digital identification and signature processes - whether on site or online.

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