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Digital vehicle registrations for major customers of the KBA

Would you like to carry out digital vehicle registrations via the German Federal Motor Transport Authority’s (KBA) fleet customer interface (GKS)? We provide you with the solution for easy identification of your customers and digital signing.

Possibilities with Verimi

Natural persons

Identify natural persons as vehicle owners

Legal entities

Identify legal entities as vehicle owners

Sign digitally

Sign documents and powers of attorney digitally


On the web, in the app or directly on site at your POS

Step 1: Integrate into your offers

Our identification and sign solutions can be seamlessly integrated into your existing processes, whether online or on-site.

Step 2: Record data for approval

Your platform is connected to the German Federal Motor Transport Authority's (KBA) fleet customer interface (GKS) and records all relevant registration data.

Step 3: Identify & sign

After successful identification, the approval can be completed digitally & legally compliant with QES.

Simple identification in the approval process

In order to sign the registration documents and power of attorney digitally with a qualified electronic signature (QES), citizens must identify themselves online, e.g. with just one click from the Verimi ID Wallet, the Verimi Bank-Ident, a photo of their ID card or on site at the service partner with Local-Ident.

Verimi acts as an eIDAS-certified provider for the identification of legal entities and the verification of the acting person’s authorization to represent them as part of a trust service.

Digital signing (QES)

The registration documents are then digitally signed with a legally binding qualified electronic signature (QES). Either directly online or on site at the branch.

Enable i-Kfz for your customers

With the Verimi services for simple identification and digital signing, you have the perfect solution for connecting to the digital vehicle registration process.

How does the population react to digital vehicle registration?

We conducted a representative survey for this purpose. We have summarized the results and analyses.