Verimi eID-Ident

Customers can identify and authenticate themselves using the online ID card function of the new ID card (nPA) and the NFC-function on their smartphone.

Simply check the user identity

How it works:

1 Enter eID PIN

The user enters the PIN received for the first verification

2 Scan ID

Reading identity card (via NFC)

3 Confirmation of personal data

The user confirms the correctness of his data by clicking on "Continue"

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Regulatory Compliance

Meets the regulatory requirements of your industry (AML, TCA and eIDAS substancial).

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Use of eID function of the identity card including personal PIN

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Quick customer identification without agent

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Higher Conversion

High closing rate through integrated use of the online ID function

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Easy to integrate

Seamless integration into your individual infrastructure

What's required

  • A German identity card or electronic residence permit with activated online ID function
  • A smartphone with enabled NFC-function (Near Field Communication-function)
  • The personal 6-digit PIN of the new ID card or the 5-digit Transport-PIN
  • The Verimi App

Use Cases

Use eID-Ident to offer your customers an easy and secure identification process for business in regulated sectors. This includes, among others, Anti Money Laundering(AML) compliant online deals with banks and insurance companies, the identification at administrations but also business deals under the Telecommunications Act (TCA), such as selling a SIM-card.

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