Funktion Verimi online ausweisen

Online identification

With your Verimi-ID you can identify yourself conveniently online - without a queue and at any time. Simply store your identity card or passport in your Verimi-Account. Identify yourself online, e.g. to open a bank account or use a car sharing service.

Store your ID

Decide for yourself how you want to store your ID in your Verimi-Account.

  • Via video chat
  • Via online ID function

Benefits for you:

Identification with Verimi-ID - how it works:

  • online ausweisen Schritt 1
    Start opening an account with a service like a bank or a car sharing service.
  • online ausweisen Schritt 2
    Log in with the Verimi button and transfer identity data.
  • online ausweisen Schritt 2
    Identify yourself online and complete the account opening.