🔔 Wie kann ich mein Unternehmen auf die eIDAS2.0 und die EUDI-Wallets vorbereiten?

Identify yourself securely with Verimi Bank-Ident

Secure identification with the Verimi Bank-Ident. In this video, we show you how easy it is to store your verified identity data from your online banking in the Verimi ID Wallet. 

What you need:

  • a bank account with online banking capability
  • the access data for the online banking account


Step 1 Login: Log in to your Verimi ID Wallet. If you have not yet created an ID wallet, you can do this directly on verimi.de or with the Verimi app. (If you want to confirm your identity directly for a Verimi partner, follow the instructions there for the identification procedure. You will then be taken directly to step 3).

Step 2 Add personal documents: Go to “My profile” → “Personal documents” on Verimi.de and select “Verimi Bank-Ident”.

Step 3 Select your bank: Enter the name, sort code or your IBAN to select your bank

Step 4 Enter your details: Enter your details and go to the next step by clicking “Next”.

Step 5 Online banking access: Log in to your online banking and select the relevant account.

Step 6 Confirm the reference transfer: Use your online banking TAN procedure to confirm a transfer over €0.01. This is important to confirm your account details

Step 7 Sign digitally: Accept the terms of use to confirm the accuracy of the data with your digital signature.

Step 8 Confirm the SMS code: You will now receive a 6-digit confirmation code by SMS. Enter it to finalise the process.


Congratulations! You have completed the Bank Ident procedure and your data is ready for you in your ID Wallet.