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Pay with Verimi

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You already know Verimi from secure customer identification for your digital onboarding processes. But did you know that in addition to proof of identity, you can also conveniently offer your customers an integrated payment solution with Verimi?

Paying with Verimi Pay offers the combination of convenience and security – for customers as well as for merchants. Thanks to Express Check Out with secured direct debit and universal login, online stores increase their conversion. The basis for Verimi Pay is the SEPA direct debit and a German bank account.

So why not offer identification, login and payment from a single source? That’s what Verimi stands for.

Merchants receive their payments securely

Verimi Pay focuses on merchant security to help prevent online fraud. Merchants benefit from being able to rely on a verified credit rating of their customers and are protected from non-payment. In addition, Verimi only provides merchants with the data that is actually needed to ship the goods. Customer data is individually encrypted.

How to process payments with Verimi Pay:

  1. Secure retrieval of verified customer data
  2. Payment processing via Express Checkout
  3. Purchase completed
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Convenient online shopping experience for customers

Customers naturally expect more from digital services like payment than that they are secure. That’s why Verimi Pay also offers users a high level of convenience with its fast check out. Moreover, there is also no need for an additional login to an external payment service or additional data entry. Once the customer is logged in with Verimi in the store, he can instead directly complete the order and select Verimi as a payment method. Another advantage is that the data is always protected and it is easy to track what the account was last used for and what data was shared.

The Verimi user then only has to enter his or her e-mail address and password to make the payment. Confirmation of the payment can be secured via a second factor with the Verimi app using PIN or TouchID.

Combining Verimi Pay with other services

Verimi’s payment function can be ideally combined with other Verimi services such as login, identification or even digital signature for a holistic user experience. For example, users can first set up a login in the customer portal and confirm their identity – this way they are verified. If they then also use the payment function, it is ensured that this is the account of the verified customer – this provides security on the part of the online store. But this is also convenient for the customer, because they can conveniently pay directly via Express Check Out.

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