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Secure and legitimate: How to register your vehicle online and without stress!

Smartphone-Anzeige eines digitalen Wallets mit Ausweisdokumenten vor dem Hintergrund eines Dokuments zur Fahrzeugzulassung und AutoschlĂĽsseln.


Finally, an end to visits to the authorities: since September 2023, vehicle registration has been possible entirely online! You don’t even have to visit a usually cumbersome government portal! You don’t need to know how to use the eID online ID function on your ID card. Since September 2023, many service providers have been offering very convenient online services so that you as a customer can achieve the same goal: Your official vehicle registration with your digital registration certificate! But how exactly does this work and which providers are reputable? In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about digital vehicle registration.

Where can I register my car digitally?

There are two ways to register your car digitally online:

  • Registration authorities: One option for vehicle registration is the Internet authority portals of the respective registration offices. The sites are usually difficult to use and citizens need either a new ID card (in German: nPA) with activated electronic ID function (eID) or an electronic residence permit (in German: eAT). You also need to know the corresponding PIN code, either as a transport PIN or as a personal PIN. A reader or a smartphone with NFC function and the AusweisApp2 installed on the smartphone are also required. Even more than 10 years after the introduction of the digital ID card, only a few citizens know how to use the electronic ID function (eID) at all, few know the PIN of the ID card or want to have an ID card app2 on their smartphone. Only 14% of the population have used it to identify themselves digitally. This is why some providers offer reputable options for official digital vehicle registration that are also relevant to everyday life.
  • Service providers: The convenient way is digital vehicle registration directly on the websites of vehicle insurance companies, online portals or registration service providers. Thanks to the direct connection to the Federal Motor Transport Authority (in German: KBA), you can carry out the same official registration of your vehicle here as on the portal of the registration authority – only much more convenient: for example, you can identify yourself online using very easy-to-use procedures: Simply with a photo of your ID card and a selfie. Or by logging into your online banking. Or with your Verimi ID wallet. Or in a video call with an agent. Or for experts, of course, with the electronic ID function of the German ID card. With the wide selection of procedures, the service providers make digital vehicle registration on the Internet accessible to all citizens.


How do I know that a service provider for online vehicle registration is trustworthy?

Security is crucial when it comes to digital vehicle registration. Therefore, make sure that Verimi is integrated. Many online vehicle registration providers use Verimi to ensure a secure process for digital vehicle registration. Verimi ensures that your identity data is recorded correctly so that you receive your official registration certificate immediately.

Verimi is certified many times over and has, for example, licenses from the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and approval from the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Homeland (BMI). Verimi products also have multiple certifications. Verimi subjects all its partners to a review process specified by the regulatory authority, thereby ensuring that all Verimi partners are reputable providers.

Can I only register my car digitally via the online portals of the registration offices?

No. Service providers also offer official vehicle registration, which is much easier and more convenient. This is comparable, for example, with online tax returns: you can submit these not only via the Elster portal of the tax offices, but also much more easily via private providers such as WISO Steuer. These providers are recognized and offer much more convenient applications with useful tips for taxpayers – the same is now also true for vehicle registration, i.e. the registration, re-registration, deregistration and re-registration of motor vehicles.

By the way: You can also use the digital vehicle registration on site – the main advantage is that you receive a digital registration certificate immediately and can start driving straight away. In addition, the registration fees are much lower with the digital process. The on-site service for digital vehicle registration is offered by selected car dealerships, insurance agents and registration services that work together with Verimi. You can also use your digital identity from the Verimi ID Wallet there.

Is digital vehicle registration secure outside the registration authorities?

Pay attention to Verimi in the registration process. Service providers that use Verimi are reputable and digital registration is carried out by these providers via the official connection to the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). This guarantees that the digital registration certificate is official and valid.

As with all offers on the Internet, there is a risk of falling for dubious providers and fake websites with digital registration. In particular, you should never send your identity data to unknown providers. And it is of course important that you really do receive the official digital registration certificate that allows you to drive your vehicle on the road. We therefore advise you to only use providers who work with Verimi to establish your identity data. This guarantees security and reliability.

I don’t have eID! Can I register my car digitally without eID?

Yes, that is possible! Registration service providers, online portals and insurance companies that work with Verimi also offer digital vehicle registration without eID, i.e. without the electronic ID function of the German ID card! With Verimi, these providers verify the identity of the vehicle owner with simple identification procedures, e.g. using a Verimi ID wallet or photo of the ID card + selfie (photo ident), login to online banking (bank ident), video call with an agent (video ident). No electronic ID card is required, which makes the process accessible and usable for all citizens.

I am an entrepreneur. Can I also register my vehicle digitally in my company’s name?

Yes, companies and associations can also register their vehicles digitally. If legal entities – i.e. companies or associations – are to be the vehicle owners, the process valid for natural persons is supplemented by the identification of the legal entity and the verification of the power of representation of the acting natural person. Verimi acts as an eIDAS-certified provider for establishing the identity of legal entities as part of a trust service.

Legal entities can use Verimi to carry out digital vehicle registration with selected partners. The “company account with Elster certificate” is not required in the Verimi solution.

How exactly does digital vehicle registration work?

The basis for online registration is the security code on the registration certificate part II (vehicle registration document), which has been available as standard since 2015. This code, both in plain text and as a QR code, must be scratched out and entered by you. The vehicle is then registered online as follows:

  1. Select your provider, e.g. your car insurance company, your registration service or your online portal
  2. Identify yourself using a method of your choice, e.g. the Verimi ID wallet or by means of a photo of your ID card + selfie (photo ident), login to online banking (bank ident), video call with an agent (video ident or online ID card (eID ident).
  3. Scratch off the security code on the vehicle registration document.
  4. Enter the required data, including the vehicle identification number (VIN), the security code, the date of the last general inspection (in German: HU), the eVB number of your insurance company and the IBAN of the owner.
  5. Select your license plate number or enter a previously reserved one.
  6. Complete the application and pay the fees using the available payment methods, such as direct debit.

The check is usually fully automated so that you can download your digital registration certificate immediately. At some registration offices, however, a clerk still has to check the application, which means that the digital certificate is only available after 2-3 days.

The physical registration certificate, the vehicle documents and the seals and stickers are then sent by post. You can simply drive on public roads with your digital registration certificate and the appropriate license plates for up to 10 days. It is therefore no longer necessary to wait for the documents and stickers.

Further information can be found here.

Where can I get the right license plates?

An important point that you should not overlook: You will have to organize the license plates yourself, similar to conventional registration. Fortunately, however, you can simply order them online. It is advisable to reserve your desired license plate before registration so that the new plates can be made in advance. You can only drive off immediately with the correct license plates and proof of registration. If you decide to take your license plates with you when you change your registration, you can of course continue to use your existing plates.

Conclusion: The future of vehicle registration is digital

With the option of digital vehicle registration, you will never have to stand in a queue for hours again. Use this modern and practical solution to register, deregister, transfer or re-register your car quickly and conveniently. You can trust the reputable providers who use Verimi for a simple and secure process. So nothing can stop you from driving your vehicle quickly


How does the population react to digital vehicle registration?

We conducted a representative survey to find out. We have summarized the results and analyses.