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Why we should sign more digitally

Verimi digital unterschreiben


What do you do in the home office with analog tasks like signing documents and contracts? That works just as easily as usual – with the so-called qualified electronic signature, a solution that works digitally without any additional readers.

An important contract needs to be sent out, but the boss hasn’t signed it yet or you can’t get to the post office? Verimi offers digital signatures for everyone. PDF documents can be signed legally and the signature can be assigned to a specific person, completely paperless.

The signature with Verimi is the so-called qualified electronic signature (QES). The basis for this is an ID document stored in the Verimi account, which verifies the digital identity. This allows PDF documents such as contracts, orders, applications, confirmations, receipts and notices of termination to be legally signed online. The QES can be used anywhere – both for communication with business partners and for a privately concluded contract.

How does the QES work and why do I need to identify myself?

To be able to sign legally, users create an account with Verimi and prove their identity via an ID card or passport. The proof of identity is essential, as it uniquely links the user to his signature and confirms his identity.

digital unterschreiben online

Prove identity once in the platform to sign digitally

There are three online methods to choose from for proving identity: the eID procedure by reading out the ID card via the NFC interface on the smartphone, the Video-Ident procedure or proving identity via an existing bank account.


With the first signature, an individual qualified certificate for digital signatures is issued after proof of identity, which is valid throughout the EU according to the eIDAS regulation.

The digital signature with Verimi is equivalent to the handwritten signature and is recognized in all EU member states. As a rule, it even replaces the written form required by law (with a few exceptions) and is especially secured by cryptographic procedures.

This is how it works: Legally sign PDFs via drag & drop

  • Create a Verimi-Account.
  • Deposit an identification document.
  • Directly in the main navigation you will find the menu item “My signature”.
  • When you sign for the first time, a certificate for the digital signature will be issued.
  • Upload your document via drag & drop to sign it.
  • Confirm the signature with two-factor authentication via the Verimi app.
  • Download the signed document and send it via email.
  • Sign documents digitally directly
  • Upload PDF documents to Verimi and sign them digitally directly.
Dokumente direkt digital unterschreiben

Upload PDF documents to Verimi and sign them digitally directly

What does a digitally signed document look like?

Your digital signature is clearly represented by a stamp of your QES certificate on the first page of the signed PDF document. This stamp also ensures that your document is securely encoded so that no elements can be altered, added, or removed.

The recipient of your document must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to read it electronically as well. Only you can access the signature certificate in your secure Verimi account and use it for the digital signature.

Digital signature for your company

Do you need a digital signature solution for your company? Then become a Verimi partner. In addition to the signature for private users, Verimi offers companies the possibility to integrate the qualified electronic signature into their digital application forms.

You can find more information here.

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