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We do not use user data for advertising purposes – and that’s a good!

secure digital personal data no user data for advertising purposes


Digital identity is built on trust. Trust that companies can rely on acting with the person they claim to be. Trust that my identity as a user will not be used against my will.

At Verimi, we want users to think of us as a data vault for their identity and to upload personal data like identity documents to us. How could we abuse that trust by selling this highly sensitive data to companies for any online advertising or paving the way for the data exchange needed to do so?

This is a business model of the past that could disappear with the ePrivacy Regulation at the latest. At Verimi, that’s certainly not going to happen. If you want to be a counterweight to GAFAs, you can’t do the same only in green.

No tracking, no data trading, no marketing of user data for advertising purposes.

For this reason, we do not use trackers or cookies to collect socio-demographic data. This is prohibited as a trust and identity platform. We do not evaluate personal user behavior data.

Therefore, Verimi does not have a consent management system for the use of data by third parties for advertising purposes. Partners and associates in the Verimi network have no way of obtaining or exchanging such data.

Verimi was designed to give users back their data sovereignty.

Of course, at certain points users have to share their data deposited with Verimi with partners if they want to use certain features. But we believe that users should always decide for themselves how their data is used. That’s why Verimi requires users to approve every data transfer. At the same time, the principle of data minimization applies – only the data that is really necessary for the process is released.

Sorry, marketers - Verimi is not a login alliance

Sorry, marketers – Verimi is not a login alliance

Again and again we hear comparisons to other initiatives or the term “login alliance”. Verimi is not a login alliance. We are not a login service for industries that rely heavily on targeted personalized advertising and therefore need a tool to comply with applicable rules. Verimi does not provide a solution to advertisers or companies that want to serve ads.

We offer identification and trust services to provide highly regulatory processes such as onboarding for account openings, insurance, government.

A verified, verified identity, a data vault, the digital Perso - call it what you will. But not login alliance.

We believe that digital identity is a valuable asset that should not be mixed with advertising.


Image source: unsplash.com