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Create your ID-Wallet with Verimi Photo-Ident

How to create your Verimi ID wallet. Registration is simple.

You can register directly with our partners. You can also use our web application or our app. We will show you how to do this in the next steps.

Step 1 Download the Verimi app to your smartphone.

Step 2 Register with your email and assign a password.
Your account is now created.

Step 3 Now you can verify your identity, e.g. with your ID card. After logging in, tap on the “ID card” field

Step 4 Now select your preferred method of identification and start the process. For example, you can select the simple photo ID method. First activate two-factor authentication with PIN and PUK for the highest security standard. Follow the instructions in the app and take a photo of your ID document first. Now take a selfie.

Congratulations. You can now easily identify yourself digitally, sign contracts and log in to our many partners.