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Verimi: Proof of identity now with just a few clicks

verimi ausweisen deutsche bank


  • Verimi offers companies comprehensive methods for identifying customers
  • Proof of identity, for example when opening an account or concluding a contract, is thus
    or when concluding a contract, are thus simplified
  • Deutsche Bank is the first partner to use Verimi for the identification of
    private customers when opening an account

Berlin, 22.08.2019. Verimi simplifies proof of identity: The Berlin-based startup bundles all relevant identification methods in its platform and integrates them into the onboarding processes of new customers at the partner company. Verimi now offers users the option of saving their verified identity data and reusing it as needed within the partner network as soon as they need to identify themselves online again. Deutsche Bank is the first partner to integrate identification with Verimi into its processes: Starting immediately, prospective customers can identify themselves with their Verimi account and open an account with Deutsche Bank with just a few clicks.

“Until now, users have had to verify their identity over and over again with each company. And each company has its own processes to perform customer identification. This is unnecessarily burdensome for both companies and users. Verimi is the first provider in Germany to bundle all identity methods in one solution and store identity data for the customer in a reusable way. This platform achieves a whole new level of efficiency for companies and users,” says Roland Adrian, CEO of Verimi.

Identify with Verimi and open Deutsche Bank account with a few clicks

Users must digitally confirm their identity on the Internet, for example, when concluding contracts and opening accounts. With identification through Verimi, a new Deutsche Bank customer can immediately identify himself with his existing Verimi account and the identification documents stored in it and transfer the necessary identity data. For Verimi users, proof of identity is provided when opening an account by automatically transferring data and pre-filling the form fields so that the account can be opened with a few clicks.

Verimi provides companies with a centralized interface for customer identification that complies with all regulations as well as technical requirements. Depending on the required level of verification, Verimi bundles all procedures for secure proof of identity: the VideoIdent procedure for confirming identity via video chat or with the eID procedure by reading the ID card. In addition, Verimi offers verification via an existing bank account.


About Verimi

Verimi is the European identity and trust platform that combines all functions related to digital identity: With Verimi, you can securely store your personal data and securely log in to more and more online offers, easily register and identify yourself online. Verimi offers the highest security and data protection standards in accordance with European law, and user self-determination over the use of personal data. The platform is supported by a broad alliance of internationally positioned companies. The group of shareholders includes Allianz, Axel Springer, Bundesdruckerei, Core, Daimler, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Bank and Postbank, Deutsche Telekom, Giesecke+Devrient, Here Technologies, Lufthansa, Samsung Electronics and Volkswagen Financial Services. Verimi is a regulated payment institution under the German Payment Services Supervision Act (ZAG). This allows Verimi to accept, store and share identity data compliant with the Money Laundering Act (MLA).

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