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Digital identities: The future of secure and convenient identity management

Porträt von Roland Adrian, CEO von Verimi, lächelnd vor einem unscharfen Hintergrund


In an increasingly digitized world where the use of apps and tools is ubiquitous, the topic of digital identity management is becoming more and more important. Particularly in Germany, where the adoption of digital identities is still lagging in international comparison, a wide range of opportunities for innovation and progress are opening up.

But how does it work exactly? Imagine you have a digital wallet where you can securely store all your important documents. This identity data is encrypted and protected. With a simple click, you can verify your identity and use services without having to go through elaborate identity checks over and over again. But how can we ensure that these identities are protected and conveniently accessible at the same time?

The Verimi vision

Verimi’s vision is clear: a future where digital identities are as secure and trustworthy as physical documents, but without the hassle. This vision is becoming a reality through the development of a secure digital ID wallet that combines IDs, driver’s licenses and other documents into one centralized platform.


The challenge of digital identities

Identifying yourself today is often tedious and time-consuming. Imagine standing in an airport parking lot in the middle of the night and having to register for a new car-sharing service. You are asked to photograph your ID and driver’s license. This is not only complicated, but also error-prone. That’s where Verimi comes in: you already have everything in a secure place, you use a secure app or access via the Internet, and that gives you a quick and easy verification process that works at the touch of a button.

As digitization continues, it is becoming possible to conduct more and more services and government processes online. While this brings with it great convenience, it also places high demands on ensuring that whoever is acting is who they say they are. A key issue in digital identity is therefore security. That’s why Verimi relies on the highest security standards and secure data storage in Europe.

The importance for the future

The importance of a secure digital identity will continue to grow in the coming years. With Verimi, users are well prepared for the increasing requirements. Whether signing up for online services, verifying requests from authorities or simply in everyday life. Verimi’s ID wallet offers numerous advantages for users:

  1. Secure: Identity data is encrypted and securely stored in the digital wallet. Users can rest assured that their personal information is protected.
  2. Convenient: Instead of tedious entries and lengthy verification processes, a simple click is all it takes to retrieve the required identity data.
  3. Flexible: Verimi offers a unified solution for different types of identity credentials. Whether it’s ID cards, driver’s licenses or vaccination certificates – everything can be stored in the Verimi ID Wallet.
  4. User-friendly: the intuitive user interface makes using the digital wallet a breeze. Even less tech-savvy users will quickly find their way around.


Try it out now.

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