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Log in with Verimi – the door opener for digital services

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How would it be if you could use all kinds of services online with just one password and your own mail address – convenient, isn’t it? With a Verimi account, users can log in to various websites and online services across all industries, from private companies to government agencies. The advantage is obvious: the user does not have to remember different passwords and can use his data directly everywhere without having to enter it every time.

Secure thanks to second factor

Does this sound insecure because only one password is in use? On the contrary – this approach is even more secure, because it allows you to think of and remember a secure password instead of choosing a multitude of insecure passwords, which in the worst case are still written down on pieces of paper or stored somewhere unencrypted. In addition, Verimi login is additionally secured with a fingerprint or PIN (the so-called second factor or two-factor authentication). This means: for every login and every sensitive transaction with Verimi account – for example when paying – the user has to pass an additional “security barrier”.

Using digital identity with Verimi login

The login with Verimi is not standalone. It is rather the door opener to Verimi services – for companies and authorities as well as for users. With the Verimi login, users can not only access their data and use it flexibly – e.g. for online orders or opening a bank account. They can also perform services such as contract processes that need to be secure and for which a unique identity of the user is important.


For example, with a Verimi login it is possible to make the identification data stored in the Verimi account – the Verimi ID – available, which the user can then use. This applies, for example, in order to prove one’s identity when buying a car at a VW dealership and also to sign the purchase contracts and financing documents directly on this basis. These documents are made available to the user completely digitally in the VW customer portal. The login there again works with Verimi.


In this way, logging in with Verimi helps users prove who they are across all sectors when they use a service for the first time. And to prove that he really is the authorized user when he uses a service for the first time. The login gives the user access to his digital Verimi ID at any time.