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Now completely online with Verimi at IDEAL Insurance

Drei Schritte zum Online-Abschluss einer Versicherung mit Verimi."


The desire not to have to go to a post office, bank, insurance company, etc. branch for every request has been strong among customers since before Corona. It is simply practical and time-saving to be able to conclude contracts completely digitally – without having to sign documents on site or identify yourself in a conversation with a customer advisor.

That’s why customers at IDEAL Versicherung can now use Verimi not only to log into their customer account quickly and securely – but also to conveniently identify themselves online.

Take out insurance online and also show directly

How does it work? Online identification with Verimi is initially only possible for the conclusion of the IDEAL UniversalLife life insurance policy. IDEAL customers therefore select their insurance product at IDEAL Insurance. Of course, IDEAL needs to know that the customer is really the person they claim to be. Therefore, the customer goes through the uncomplicated identification process with Verimi – simply via video and directly while selecting the insurance, without any detours. If the customer already has a Verimi account and has stored his ID data there, the process is even faster. Then he can simply re-use his data from the Verimi account at IDEAL – conveniently and easily.

In this way, the customer takes out his insurance completely online. You can find more information about IDEAL Insurance here.